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Create an online store for your team or organization today!

T3 LogoWear is excited to introduce our new feature of online team stores. These custom stores are designed to make apparel ordering quick and simple for all your team members. The team stores allow for all members to browse custom apparel products online before purchasing while eliminating some of the most common team ordering problems such as collecting money, and filling out order sheets.

Here is an example of an online team store we created for one of our clients.

Benefits of Online Team Stores

The online store eliminates the hassles of collecting money from each person, spending hours ensuring everyone placed their orders in time, figuring out who ordered what, and every other potential problem that give coaches headaches. Instead, we want coaches and team members to be excited about ordering and receiving their team gear again so that you can focus on what you do best while we focus on making you look your best!

The team stores allow for more apparel options to be offered, and even notifies players about which items are deemed mandatory to buy by the coach such as practice uniforms and game day gear, while giving players the freedom to purchase additional exciting accessories and gear to wear their team name with pride. The ordering process is made quick and easy with size and logo drop down menus, and once the apparel is selected, players pay with their personal card right at checkout which eliminates the timeless problem of coaches and parents having to collect money. Now, everything will already be paid for! Leave the tasks to us, we want to make ordering team gear fun and exciting again!

  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Avoid common ordering sheet errors
  • Offer a wide variety of custom products to your team
  • Reach a broad range of people
  • Ordering deadlines set by the coach
  • Coaches and/or captains are given managerial access to the site
  • Ability to make items mandatory
  • Personalization options on all items such as names and numbers
  • Printable and digital catalog available to send out to team members, parents and fans

Begin Creating Your Online Team Store Today!

T3 LogoWear is excited to help you open your very own team store. If you are interested in learning more about team stores, or setting one up today please call us at (914) 628-2020, stop by our showroom in the Somers Commons Shopping Center or email us at